When I Came Up With This Whole FLA$H MOBB Concept It Was Something Personal , Something To Keep Me Goin During Those Times I Wanted To Give Up On Life. FLA$H MOBB Stands For : Fully Living And $hining Hard Motivating Our Brains & Bodies. To Fully Live And Shine Hard Means, You Live Your Life To The Fullest Even Through Challenging Times. While Letting Your Dark Days Be Out Shined By Your Inner Light Or Calling That Keeps You Pressing Towards A Better Tomorrow. Which Means We Have To Motivate Our Brains And Bodies In Order To Make That Happen. Our Brains Are What Connect Us To Our Sense Of Purpose, While Our Bodies Allow Us To Act Upon That Purpose. This Is For The Creatives ,The People Of Tomorrow, AnyBody Chasing A Dream That Comes With Some Adversity, Giving Up Should Never Be An Option. We Were All Given Something That Makes Us Special. Finding And Owning That Are The Best Parts Of Life’s Journey. So The Question Is : Will U Give Up ? Are You Goin To Let Life Get The Best Of You ? Or Are You Going To Fully Live And $hine Hard , The Choice Has Always Been Yours. Thank You For Your Patience. Thank You For Dreaming.


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